Oral Advancement Device

Oral Advancement Device

A Potential Alternative to the Use of a CPAP Unit for the Treatment of OSA and Snoring

Some people prefer not to use a CPAP device for the treatment of their obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and snoring.  In cases wherein their OSA is not severe, some individuals may  benefit from an orally-worn device call a TAP®, or Thornton Adjustable Positioner. The TAP is a patented mandibular (lower jaw) advancement device that you wear in your mouth while asleep.  The TAP is unique for its use of a single, midline tension mechanism that allows you to advance your lower jaw, thus helping to open up your airway during sleep to help reduce or eliminate your obstructive respiratory events and snoring.

The TAP is variably comfortable for different individuals and is easy to adjust during intervals of wakefulness during the night or before you retire for the night.  Several independent peer-reviewed studies have shown it to be more effective than any other available oral appliance.1

Everyone is different and so is every TAP.  Some TAPs can even be combined with CPAP to help mitigate or eliminate your OSA and snoring.  Your TAP or TAP-CPAP combination device will be precision-fit for you by Dr. Joseph Adame, the Valley’s only Board-Certified Dental Sleep Medicine Specialist.  With your new TAP,  Dr. Adame, his dental staff, and our Center staff  will develop an ongoing treatment plan for you that can be of immediate and long-lasting benefit in helping to improve the quality of your sleep.

Hundreds of thousands of users have benefited from wearing a TAP while sleeping.  More than 20 years of continuing improvement in the device make TAP an excellent treatment option to consider for patients whose OSA is in the mild to moderate severity range.

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