Pleural Drainage Catheters

Pleural Drainage Catheters

PleurX® Drainage System for Patients

Manage pleural effusions or malignant ascites outside of the hospital. The PleurX® drainage system lets you take control of uncomfortable and painful symptoms from fluid buildup around the lungs (pleural effusions) or in the abdomen (malignant ascites).

A safe, proven option that more than 200,000 patients have used since 1997, the PleurX system helps you drain fluid buildup in the comfort of your own home, without the need for repeat doctor or hospital visits.

How does the PleurX system work?

The PleurX drainage system includes a drainage catheter and drainage bottles that collect fluid. The PleurX catheter is inserted, typically as a simple outpatient procedure, in the chest for draining pleural effusions or in the abdomen for draining malignant ascites. The end of the catheter stays outside of the body, hidden under a bandage when you are not draining. When you need to drain fluid, simply connect the end of the catheter to the drainage line on the collection bottle, following the directions for use, and the bottle will automatically draw out the fluid.