In response to the recent novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, PSCV is offering telemedicine services.

Contact our clinic if you are at risk of having this virus.

Contact us if:

  1. You have traveled to an area with high transmission rates as monitored by CDC. Click here to see updated information on areas with high transmission rates.
  2. You have had contact with a patient with suspected or confirmed COVID-19
  3. You are experiencing fever (100.4 F or higher) or respiratory symptoms such as cough

If you’re experiencing severe symptoms, such as shortness of breath, you must be evaluated at the local ER. Please wear a mask and disposable gloves if you have any available.

In office services

Your health and our employee’s safety are very important to us; therefore we implemented screening prior to entering our medical offices, and closed our waiting area, instead we are asking our patients to please wait in their car until the time of their appointment.  

We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Telemedicine services 

We are offering follow up visits thru Google Duo; please follow these steps for your upcoming visit:

Set up Google Duo

  • Step 1: Install DuoDuo is available on Android phones and tablets.
  • Step 2: Verify your phone number. You can skip phone number verification. 
  • Step 3: Connect your Google Account. To connect your Google Account, tap Agree. 
  • After you verify your number on Duo, use Duo to call your contacts or receive calls.

Day of the appointment:

  1. Please make sure you have Google Duo installed 
  2. One of our Medical assistants will call you to update your records
  3. The doctor will contact you at the time of your appointment.

Contact us if any questions:

McAllen 956-630-1000    Weslaco 956-447-5557