Enica Compres, BBA, CMOM

Enica Compres, BBA, CMOM

Ms. Enica Compres is the Office Manager of the Center’s two sites.

She received her Business Administration degree (BBA degree equivalent) from the Dominican Republic’s Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra. Ms. Compres has been employed at our Center since 2004, where initially she worked exclusively in different areas of the billing department.

Following achieving certification as a Medical Office Manager (CMOM) in 2008, her role at our Center greatly expanded to include supervising the day-to-day workflow, managing billing and human resource departments, establishing and maintaining incentive programs for the Center’s physicians, assisting compliance with administrative standards required by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for accreditation of the two Center sites, and myriad other duties.

Since 2008, Quality Assurance of the Center’s many services and capabilities has been assessed on a quarterly basis by formal compilation of Timeliness statistics for each step in the Center’s assessment and treatment(s) provided each patient, as well as by formal computation of Patient Satisfaction ratings volunteered by patients in written form for each of the Center’s various sub-departments and associated personnel, e.g., reception, scheduling, and billing; Center physicians and nurse practitioners; CPAP and sleep technologists.

Testimony to Ms. Compres’ effectiveness in managing a well-run Center is the fact that the many tens of hundreds of Timeliness assessments and Patient Satisfaction ratings collected since 2008 virtually always have been at the highest possible levels. Additionally, Center personnel turnover among administrative and professional clinical staff has been relatively low within the same time frame, further testimony to Ms. Compres’ ability to maintain a high level of esprit de corps among Center personnel.

When not occupied in administering the two Center sites, Ms. Compres enjoys family activities, cooking (particularly a la Dominicana), and visiting family and friends in the Dominican Republic.